Display: 2mm Refill Lead open stock (12-lead pks & 2-lead pks)

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Composed of dense, smooth graphite of the highest quality, our graphite is available in a full range from 6B to 6H,making them ideal for all graphite applications. From professional to engineering.

  • Contains 12x R-2-6B, 12x R-2-4B, 12x R-2-3B, 12x R-2-2B, 12x R-2-B, 12x R-2-HB, 12x R-2-F, 12x R-2-H, 12x R-2-2H, 12x R-2-3H, 12x R-2-4H, 12x R-2-6H, 4x R-25-6B, 4x R-25-4B, 4x R-25-3B, 4x R-25-2B, 4x R-25-B, 4x R-25-HB, 4x R-25-F, 4x R-25-H, 4x R-25-2H, 4x R-25-3H, 4x R-25-4H, 4x R-25-6H