Pacific Arc Premium Graphite 2mm Refill Lead R-2-6B R-2-4B R-2-2B R-2-B R-2-HB R-2-H R-2-2H R-2-3H R-2-4H R-2-5H R-2-6H R-3-6B R-3-4B R-3-3B R-3-2B R-3-B R-3-HB R-3-H R-3-2H R-3-3H R-3-4H R-3-5H R-3-6H R-25-4B R-25-H

Premium Graphite 2mm Refill Leads (H) - Set of 3

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Ideal for all graphite applications from professional engineering and architectural rendering to sketching and drawing. 

Available in packs of 2, 3 and 12 leads per tube
Available degrees ranging from 6B to 6H