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Exceptionally smooth, creamy leads centered in cedar casings featuring a coloured barrel that helps indicate the degree: the softer the degree, the darker the barrel.

Charcoal Pencils feature smooth, grit-free charcoal leads that are very black and creamy which yield intense shades of black.

  • Contains 1x ART-12-12B, 1x ART12-10B, 1x ART12-8B, 1x ART12-6B, 1x ART12-5B, 1x ART12-4B, 1x ART12-3B, 1x ART12-2B, 1x ART12-B, 2x ART12-HB, 1x ART12-F, 1x ART12-H, 1x ART12-2H, 1x ART12-3H, 1x ART12-4H, 1x ART12-5H, 1x ART12-6H, 2x CHP-12S, 2x CHP-12M, 2x CHP-12H